The principle astronomer at Astronomy For Africa is Paul Ludick MSc FRAS. Paul was in the corporate and private aviation industry for 23 years at management level and also holds a private pilots license. In 2019 he decided to “semi-retire” from aviation to pursue new family ventures and to develop Astronomy For Africa.

Paul has decided to continue the love for astronomy where back in 2005 he was already supporting corporate functions and events as well as doing research on Asteroids. As a past Board member and MD/CEO of various aviation companies, Paul understands and respects the need for a professional service, delivered in a well spoken and presented manner. His love for Astronomy has allowed him to dedicate more time to share the excitement and reality of what is happening above our heads.

Paul has studied in the UK (Msc - Air Transport at Cranfield University) and also studied astronomy at the University at Central Lancashire in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS) in the UK and a member of various Astronomy Associations and Societies. Paul has also participated in research projects with special focus on Asteroid research by doing photometric observations for universities in Europe and has been part of published research. He has his own private observatory specific for research projects on NEOs (Near Earth Objects) as well as PHAs (potential hazardous asteroids). When time allows he will search for new objects not yet identified.

Depending on the event/function requirement, Paul will network with other astronomers he has worked with before, to assist with large group functions. Astronomy For Africa is t/a operation and part of Ludick Consulting (Pty) Ltd which is also a South African VAT vendor.